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Bespoke Artwork

It’s been years since I’ve painted on canvas for others! I used to love gifting pieces to friends. This year I noticed there seemed to be a need for custom artwork in some of my projects. So, once I’d ‘practiced’ again on a large 1m abstract for my own Living Room, I felt confident that my clients would like unique pieces for the rooms in their homes that I’d designed. Eekk!! I loved getting the easel set up again and just losing myself in the hours, it’s very therapeutic. Now I won’t be offering portraits of anyone or their pets anytime soon but if the client is wanting specific colours or hues, to blend in or to stand out as a hero in their spaces then I’m happy to give them a unique, one off, limited edition piece straight from Blyth Design’s Studio in Sussex

This is the piece I did for my own home. I’m yet to decorate the room but this will definitely be a hero in the scheme I choose. I love how it‘s back lit from the lamp in the evening, I might have to add led strip lights maybe? Will have a think!! How lovely to have the ambient lighting in the evening that this will give.

I only offer these to my Interiør Design clients at the moment because of the time it takes from my schedule of designing for multiple projects, but one day I might have a team and then I can paint all week and maybe even have a weekend off!!

Anyway, the Moral of this May blog story is to do what you love, or start doing again what you used to love, anything positive you do reinforces some happiness and I’m all about creating happiness where you can right now

Mel xx

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