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Coastal Style

Having lived by the coast for decades , I love, live and breathe the tranquility, softness, texture, freshness and brightness (vocabulary overload!) the Coastal style brings to a home 🤍

Cool whites, blues, greys have their prominent place and adding bold navy, tan, teal and all shades of green for your accented colour will make the space feel designed

Whenever I’m asked to design a Coastal styled space, I always try to source some art or decor from local stores and artists. It’s so important not to make the room feel ‘themed’ as 1. You’ll go off it quickly and 2. Who wants to live in a souvenir shop 🍭

Making the most of any glimpses of the coastline is paramount in renovations and if you can add a window, or make one larger or frameless, it’s never a bad investment 🤍 Bringing the outside in and vice versa will extend the home without extending your Reno budget

Adding a kitchen servery, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, using tiling instead of the usual patio slabs or decking will make it feel like a room you’d be happy to have inside 🤍

Pinterest tips 🤍 ’outdoor servery’ ‘outdoor floor tiles’ ‘Bahama shutters’

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