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Happy New Year

It's been ages since I've added to the blog diary. I've started the year with fresh, new anticipation of what's to come, and a positive mind to everything being better in 2021!

This gorgeous image is a poster I found to get framed for a client's country new build that I'm loving working on right now. It's from if you love it too!

I love the all shades of greens with a hint of blush pink, perfect for the charcoals and navy's around right now. This years colours, as from Pantone, will be yellow and grey with a lot of designers saying we will see more rich colours of the 70s returning. I'm not so much about trends, although I love a hint of cool, and more about what you love, because fashions change and if you're going to invest in a big purchase like a sofa or kitchen then you need to love love love it, because it's going to be in your eye line daily for potentially a decade or more!!

Get a FREE consultation from me this year, home is becoming more important than ever and if you're looking at your four walls and thinking it's time to chuck out the chintz, then you have nothing to lose by messaging me and letting me know which room you want to target first and we can talk all things colour! x

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