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Home Renovations

As we are all within our four walls more than ever this past 11 months, our opinions of our home furnishings, decor and practicality has not only been highlighted but our needs of it have changed.

Have we got extra money now we are not eating out, going on holidays and trips? maybe. All my designer friends have never been busier so there’s some truth in that observation.

Making your home changes, either home extensions or open plan living or dividing rooms to make a home office, is becoming essential for some home owners and bringing in an Interior Designer early on in this process, is a must. Interior Designer‘s have your best interests at heart, they’ll make sure the job gets done as all good trades would, but they’ll introduce many practical and beautiful ideas that you would most definitely miss without their input.

Your Interior Designer, doesn’t need to live near you, or even in your country, I have clients in the U.S.A. Everything can be done online and the service and attention to detail remains spot on.

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