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It's all in the Details......

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Recently, I have been adding monogrammed cushions to my designs, and my clients are so pleased with them. For a client expecting their second baby, I added two of the beautifully embroidered cushions in their master suite, each with their children's initials. In my own home, I have TCH for 'The Coach House' as I live in a Grade II Listed home and wanted to pay homage to it.

The attention to detail is what all designers add effortlessly. You see 'gorgeous' as you enter a beautifully designed space and love it! Your eyes take a while to catch up and only then do really see why the details add so much to the room

Adding monogrammed accessories, cushions, towels, throws, is a contemporary way to personalise a styling accessory in your space. Coze Linen are my personal favourite, they have a wonderful collaboration with Sophie Paterson and I'm flattered to see one of my project images on their website




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