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Modern & Traditional blends

The brief for this Boys Bedroom redesign, was to ensure there was plenty of storage so there were no excuses not to keep everything in its place! A fresh new look, maximising the space and natural light of the smallest bedroom. The last 'before' shot shows we did just that! Because there are now two wardrobes, there is a school wardrobe and a weekend wardrobe, a place to study, and once the new beanbag chair arrives, a place to relax and read or play on the iPad. IKEA had the perfect pieces, with this Loft bed that incorporates a full sized desk underneath for homework. We chose a rich dark colour, with a fresh Benjamin Moore 'Super White' and as the home was built in the 1700s, we wanted to add some of the traditional features back into the room with gorgeous picture frame moulding. We have one more design feature to finish in this room before the project is signed off by the client, watch this space!

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