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Looking for a new home, searching the internet for a new location to live, too busy to book viewings, just can't find the right property for you?

New Home search

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A client approached me recently and asked me to help them find their dream home in a new county, Sussex. Living in London, she was ready to start afresh and make a move to the coast, country or new city. Having previously had an enjoyable career in estate agency, this seemed a wonderful fit for my skills, especially as it became increasingly apparent that we would be needing to renovate the new house to suit both her needs and style

Whilst I agree that location, location, location is key in your search for a new home, here are my top tips on new home searching.

Tip #1 - Engage a Buyers Agent

It's not just for selling sunsets, it's so important to have someone with a good property history of experience and negotiations on your side

Tip #2 - Make a shortlist

What are your non-negotiable for your new home? Location, commute to work, neighbours or lack of them, bedroom numbers, open plan living, garden, off street parking, community. Write your list and then engage your best friend in negotiating you out of any of them, remember even the buyer with the biggest budget has to compromise somewhere

"Having Mel's help whilst searching for a new home has been invaluable, I honestly think I would have disregarded the house of my dreams if it wasn't for her vision" – London to Sussex Client

Tip #3 - Project Reno

Would you be willing to take on a 'project'? To renovate a home requires extra financing of course, but usually the home then could be within reach to buy. Would and could you live in the property whilst work was being done, could the project be completed in phases to help you financially and to stay in the home whilst you renovate

Tip #4 - Excellent

Excel spreadsheets are your friend in house buying, your interior designer will be using them daily, if you don't have an interior designer, then create your own template and get those lists on the listings!

Tip #5 - Interior Design BF

Lastly, shall we be friends? I can't recommend an ID enough, especially one with realty experience to boot! They can search for the property, create short lists, view for you, cost the renovations, give design ideas, recommend trades, create new floor plans, show you the house in a different light that you may miss when searching yourself. I do genuinely become my clients' friend during our time in this process, someone they can rely on to give honest, expert opinions and spend their hard earned money perhaps even more wisely than they would!

House to Home

Tell me about your property search? Now or in the past, how did it go? what was difficult and what was easy? what do you wish you had done or known before you bought your home? any buyer remorse or success stories? #commentbelow

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