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The Beginning

Hi I’m Mel and this is how I started my passion for all things Interior 🤍

When I was 14, mum allowed me free reign on my bedroom decor in our new home. Everyday in the summer holidays I walked the 4 miles to the new house, stopping off at the local bakers for lunch provisions & wearing my best 80s outfit because I didn’t know that not all paint washed out!! I painted my ceiling white & carefully painted grey footprints, like a boot, from one corner to the other. The walls were painted grey & pink & the two colours met halfway in a smooth wiggly wave. All the furniture was white, I had a gorgeous grey deep pile carpet with a pink rug & a huge poster of U2’s drummer 😍 It was stunning!! Haha well I thought so & it’s how my passion grew for designing spaces to make happiness happen.

If only I’d had a phone to take photos!! 🤍 Fast forward decades, & I’d love to recreate the same look if anyone would like me to?! You never know, one interior design client might say yes 😉

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